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so tired..

Do you ever wake up at like 3 in the morning feeling wide awake, and then you go back to sleep for a couple hours and you wake up feeling so tired? Thats the way I feel today. I noticed at 3 in the morning that Dan wasn’t in bed so I got up to get him up of the couch and in bed. The couches are so godley uncomfortable.

Watching Survivor Finale last night, I couldn’t believe Natalie won. I thought for sure Russell was going to win because Natalie did nothing to get to the top three except befriend the right person. Russell played the game, and Mick.. not sure why Mick was there either. I like how Jaison looked at it. He made them describe what they do for a living and why they would need the money and at the end pointed out that none of them were broke and they didn’t really need the money. So the Jury shouldn’t post their vote on that. All in all it was good, and good for Brett to make it that far I mean really the only guy off the purple tribe and he kept winning immunity challanges. So yah, I think it was an alright season of Survivor. I kinda wish we would have watched what everyone had to say after, I wonder what Russell all had to say for playing the game so hard and he ended up loosing in the end… who knows I guess. I just hope that the game didn’t change him because he says he is 100 percent completely different at home.

I know if I lived with someone like that he would be on the curb in no time!

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