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my stove doesn’t work :(

Story of my life..

I went to boil water last night to make some home made mac & cheese.. pff forget it. The pot with water sat there for 1 1/5 hours and it never did boil. The oven took just as long for the preheat to go off. I think I may bring out my handy dandy slow cooker today to make supper. Lunch will most likely just be a sandwich or salad. I mean and then I call them and they tell me its going to be at least 48 hours before they even call me to book the appointment. I think I’m going to tell him to buy a bottle of lube on his way over, then we can coat the stove with it, and he can shove it up his ass, plug it in, and then tell me that it works.. cause I know very well it doesn’t!

Other than that, I didn’t do anything yesterday. There was severe thunderstorm watches/warnings out all day yesterday and I figured well where is the fun in working outside if its going to be stormy. Maybe today if its not too wet outside. Our grass is looking much much better I must admit. We did get a pretty good rain last night  I think.

Well, thats it for today. I have nothing interesting to say.


** Quick update.. its 11pm.. my stove works! There was a problem with the wiring! **

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