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Its friday, its friday! Happy Dance!

haha and then I had to look to make sure it actually was friday! Last night I was alone again after supper. I sure don’t mind having my nights to myself.. I played a bit of wii fit, watched tv and just browsed the web. Usually after supper after I have dishes all cleaned up I like to make my lunch for the next day. Last night I was out of ideas.. so I made tuna salad. I also packed a banana, granola bar, almonds and an orange. With the tuna salad i’m thinking I’ll have just one piece of bread.. and maybe some carrots or something.

My tuna salad turned out really liquidy and I think I put a bit too much mayo in it. But this is how I made it.

Tuna salad
1 can drained flaked light tuna
1 green onion
1/3 chopped celery
1 baby carrot shredded
1 tbsp mayo

Mix all together. Sometimes I also add a pickle to add some zestyness to it. It¬†always changes depending on the mood I’m in haha.

So for the weekend I have planned… to make bread saturday morning. I’m going to get groceries tonight after work so I don’t have to drive in to town by myself on saturday because Dan has hockey. I’m going to take down my Christmas tree one day too.. and make Dan take it the farm to get rid of it, and then I need to do some major cleaning I think.. sounds like a good time hey? I actually don’t mind doing it… I like having a clean house..

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