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back into my routine.

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long again.. Dan convinced me to go to the city with him so I spent the weekend there with no laptop stuck in a hotel room. Shopping was pitiful. Everything was so picked over I could barely find any clothes that fit me. However i went to winners and bought a new hairstraightener and a cook book.

I’m pretty excited to start cooking out of this book. I thought what a better way to start the New Year resolution of eating healthy and managing my weight. I think tonight I’m going to make the roasted vegetables. I’m hoping my hockey billet is going to a hockey game tonight because I love the time alone in the house to cook and clean. Last night I did laundry, took down Christmas decorations and shovelled off the sidewalk and driveway! GO ME!

I guess thats what happens when you aren’t home over the weekend though, I feel like I have so much to do! I just need a weekend at home with nobody coming over or visiting so I can get stuff done. But thats what the holidays are about… spending time with everyone else right.

My New Years Resolutions:
1. manage my weight better by eating healthy and exercising (curves 3 times a week)
2. enjoy life no matter what happens.. I need to stop getting myself into these depressive ruts
3. manage my banking account a bit better.. lol.. I need to keep track of when payments are coming out
4. smile!
5. be more creative… start scrapbooking again…

Thats all I can think of so far.. and I mean I don’t need to loose weight.. just inches around my belly more than anything I think. And exercise helps that more than anything I think.

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