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its a new day today

I had the worst day yesterday at work. The phones would not stop ringing, everyone was in such a wonderful mood… and at the end of the day I almost started to cry when one of the managers threw a mitten at me and it hit me in the face… all for fun of course (his side of the story). I just can’t stand people like him I was so emberressed.

Anyway, today is a new day and hopefully a better day! I’ve already started planning what I’m going to do this weekend. Our hockey bilet is gone on a road trip and Dan has his home tournament this weekend with his peewees. Dan also has rec hockey tonight but not until later and our hockey billet has practice I believe. I don’t mind my nights alone… but its nice to have Dan home too. It gets lonely after awhile.

I have been going to curves every day at lunch, and I have also been doing my wii fit everynight. I love it so much! Although I haven’t noticed any difference going to curves so I’m not sure how well it is actually working. But last night when I was laying in bed I was flexing my abs and my core does feel stronger I just need to loose the fat in front of it. I’m going to be in such good shape by March if we end up going on a trip. Thats my goal anyway.. to not have “love handles” when we go on our trip.. or a muffin top I guess as Dan would call it. I mean I already feel better, I don’t feel so gross and I sleep way better at night now too.. but that could just be that I’m staying up later at night.. who knows..

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