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its friday!

Friday Happy Dance!

So yesterday Dan and I picked up the last of our Christmas Lights to hang in our house, and he bought me Christmas Sweater. So we sat down in front of the tree and took some Christmas pictures. Just don’t tell anyone haha.. They turned out really really good. Dan is going to get 20 copies printed up today. I put some effects on the photo, and noticed it kinda looks like I have kato in a chokehold.. haha He wouldn’t sit still for the picture though.

We had pepper steak last night for supper, it was a disaster. Dan doesn’t measure the water/rice ratio, I put too much soya sauce in the mix, we don’t have mushrooms… yup what is this world coming to. I hope my bread tomorrow turns out way better. I’m thinking I might do a roasted chicken in the oven with mashed potatoes and stuffing for supper tomorrow. Its our last night with the hockey billet! Celebrate good times come on! I also get my car back today WOOP WOOP!

And, if it wasn’t for Revenue Canada, Dan and I would be getting along alot better.  I just get so stressed out all the time. I don’t know what to do about things or how to do them or even how to handle them and I just get stressed right out. But thats life.

A friend of ours went on a holiday with his girlfriend to mexico. As they were stepping off the plane back home she told him she can’t do long distance relationships and walked away. It was two days before his birthday and three days before their 2 year anniversary. Wow hey.. And then he hit a deer with his car. His family is going to Hawwii for Christmas and he is stuck here bcause he had plans with her for Christmas. So we invited him up here. I doubt he will come but there is a boxing day dance that is supposed to be pretty good. Maybe he can find himself a good ole sweetheart up here! Haha..

Anyway I should get ready for work, even though I don’t wanna go. I’m so tired! But TGIF!

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