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a trip for two?

So yesterday in the grocery store we ran into┬áTrev and Mel. They informed us they are leaving to Mexico in a couple days. Its not fair, everyone else is getting to go places and do things, and I get stuck at home with the hockey billet that I don’t want. I mean even Dan gets to go places with his work. He is gone at least two times a month for 4 days at a time going somewhere. We went to Trev and Mel’s last night and thats all they talked about and I barely got one word in! It frustrates me so bad! But whatever, still had fun over there we played cards all night after the football game.

And before that I made my bread! And yes it turned out! I think my problem was my oven was too hot last time when I let it rise in there. And I didn’t let it rise long enough. Except when we got home from groceries one of the loaves was pouring over the edges and I went to kinda tuck them in a bit so I could bake them and it fell… so I baked the other loaf and let that one rise for an hour. And it still fell in the middle! Oh well, at least I have one good loaf. Thats better than last week when neither of them worked out! haha.. I’m so pumped that they worked out though.

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