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so this is what a holiday feels like?

This is the first vacation day I have ever taken in my life! I took today off because my friends from back home are coming to visit and I would feel so bad if I was stuck at work and they were here. I fell asleep last night at eleven and woke up this morning at nine. I haven’t slept in like that in at least 2 or 3 months! Just got done making myself a pot of fresh coffee. I think by far my favorite Christmas presents are my coffee grinder and starbucks beans, my blue robe and my brown sweater and of course my wii fit. I think that the reason my back has been so sore is because of the wii fit though.. But I have been playing it at least 3o minutes a night and I do my body test every morning. Well I haven’t done it today yet.. its on my to do list..

Last night I thought I would get a head start on snacks for today. I made mom’s cheese ball thats soooo easy to whip up! This is the recipe I use and I know it off by heart and most of it isn’t measuring just put in what you think.

Mom’s Cheese Ball

1 (80z) package cream cheese
1 small can ham
1 green onion
1/2 tsp mustard
1/4 cup crushed walnuts

Mix the cream cheese and ham then add the mustard and onion. Shape into a ball and either sprinkle the walnuts or if you have more walnuts you  can roll the cheese ball in the walnuts so its completely covered. I’m not a huge fan of the walnuts so I usually just leave them off.

See its so simple and there isn’t really anything to it.

Dan has tickets to all the world junior games in the city and saturday I get to go too. So we booked a hotel room for friday night and saturday night in the city, which I’m so excited about because there is nothing that I have to look after (aka dog), I don’t have to cook or anything! Although I might make some muffins or something that I can eat there and bring fruit along.. last time we stayed there I had nothing to eat in the morning and usually ate out for lunch and supper… some way to start the new year..  Oh speaking of which I better get on my new years resolutions.. that will be tomorrows post I think.. haha

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