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chocolatey goodness

I can’t wait until Dan is back from the crop production show. I feel like a single mom with a teenage who is falling behind in school, not doing his homework, and is super sick. Ontop of that I have to be home intime to make supper… last night I didn’t sit down until 8… then I had to get up again to finish unloading the dishwasher… and I was in bed by 9pm. I was so worn out yesterday and I feel so crappy today. I think I’m just getting a really bad cold. So I made this, it makes me feel better, well kinda anyway.. its the chocolate fix I needed to get through the day. My french teacher in highschool used to make it for us to bribe us on fridays to actually work..

Crackle Cake

3/4 cup margarine
1 cup white sugar
1 cup corn syrup
1/2 cup cocoa
8 cups corn flakes

Bring margarine, sugar, corn syrup, cocoa to a boil. Pour over cornflakes and press into a pan.

Its easiest if you wet your hands with water while pressing the cake down. The stuff doesn’t stick to you as bad.

So Dan’s mom is bringing supper over for us tonight because Ryley has hockey practice and I knew I wouldn’t be home in time to have supper made for him. She is such a life savor this week.. not sure what I’m going to do when they leave for mexico.. lol I’m definitely going to be on my own then! Isn’t life just great.. I mean I don’t mind being on my own but with Ryley here everything is so much harder and I honestly feel like a single mom.. so I would like to just say we don’t give enough credit to all those single moms or dads who work their bums off raising kids these days.

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