So blog. This is the problem between you and me.. you need daily entries.. and I have too much stuff going on in my life..

After the fractured wrist came tonsilitis and finding out my cousin has been diagnosed with cancer.

Cancer /ˈkænsə(r)/ is not just one disease, but a large group of almost 100 diseases. Its two main characteristics are uncontrolled growth of the cells in the human body and the ability of these cells to migrate from the original site and spread to distant sites. If the spread is not controlled, cancer can result in death.

Carmen and I have never lived close to each other, but growing up she was my idol. She was a paramedic and listening to her stories always amazed me. Between which guy she was dating and how she skidded down the icey hill in the ambulance she never seemed to live the boring life like I did. I always used to sit on her lap when she came to visit and she would run her fingers through my hair and tell me how beautiful I was. Never did I think that she would be put through something like this. Not my hero, not the person I have always wanted to be. The bubbley, beautiful, caring cousin that I love.

Carmens cancer, they found out, had started in her adrenalin glands. It has spread to her lymph nodes which they have removed, and according to my uncle has pretty much spread all over her body. Cancer of the adrenalin glands is rapid, quick spreading and hard to control. She has finished her first chemo treatment but they aren’t sure if they are going to continue it. She had such bad fluid build up in her lungs that one of them had partially collapsed and she spent a couple days just trying to survive. Thats where we are at now.. she is just trying to survive.. finally woke up on friday morning and ate a real meal on friday night. I just hope she isn’t pushing her recovering body to hard. Well, thats it so far I guess in my life.

Only a couple more weeks of the hockey billet. Can’t wait until thats over. Our relationship has been hell. I’m not happy with him here and I can’t find any time for me, to just do whatever I want to do and relax. Its always rush home, make supper, do dishes, clean laundry and before you know it its ten and time for bed.

The past couple weeks have been really bad.. but here is hoping to a better future and everything getting better…



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