back to work monday

I spent the weekend at the farm, it was so relaxing.

Saturday we went to the city and did some shopping, I didn’t buy much, just a couple new shirts, some pillows for the living room, a new shelf. Just about bought myself an island for the kitchen.. kinda kicking myself that I didn’t.  Yesterday I came home early enough to start painting Dan’s office. I think I was home by 2 and I finished the first coat by 5. I’ll do the second coat today and hopefully get everything moved back in on wednesday. I had to keep telling myself, the first coat is always the hardest, it gets easier.. My arms are so sore today, I guess its a good thing I’m running statements at noon, and won’t be able to go to the gym.. haha

Anyway, I should get ready for my day!

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One thought on “back to work monday

  1. Awesome superb post bud. I’ve had a blast reading your posts and have found them awesome. Don’t stop posting

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