I actually slept in this morning! I couldn’t believe I slept until 8:30 this morning. The first thing I did when I got up was looked outside.. and take a look at what we found..

We have over a foot of snow.. I shovelled out the sidewalk so our poor dog had something to walk on and an area for him to pee in. If it keeps snowing like this I may have a snow day tomorrow.. I can’t imagine the roads and stuff will be cleaned out. If they don’t plow out our road there is no way I’ll make it. We paid someone $20 to clean out our driveway but that was 2 hours ago and its already blowed in and the snow is back up agains the garage where my car is parked.

I have no energy today just lazy and don’t feel like doing anything.. I’m glad I got everything cleaned and made yesteday. All I had left to do was make bran muffins, and thats just out of a bag and I just add water and an egg I think.. super easy.. I think I may just have to take a nap this afternoon before I start supper. I’m starting to get cabin fever though.. I need to do something with myself and Dan is starting to drive me nuts!

Oh well.. I really hope I go back to work tomorrow… haha


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