its only wednesday

I feel like crap.. I barely slept at all last night and I was up super early. I have had a really bad migraine and upset stomach since yesterday and Dan’s mom wants me to go for lunch with her and go for waffles tonight.. instead I might just stay home and not do anything except sleep. I feel like crap. I shouldn’t say that because I know I’ll end up going to work today because Wendy is gone and they need to have a woman downstairs to answer phones. I’m not sure how they managed with Chelsea gone all the time. Its stupid how men need to rely on woman all the time.. you think they would be able to answer phones and stuff… besides I have a new laptop I have to pay for and we get paid on friday! YAY!

Yesterday I got measured at curves. I am supposed to get weighed and measured on the 7th.. but I have postponed it because I was afraid that I hadn’t changed or even gained weight. But.. truth be known.. I have been down to 125 lbs and lost half an inch around my waist and another half inch around my hips.. my goal is to just look and feel good in my bathing suit for our trip to mexico in March… if we ever end up booking it. And according to my doctor I should have another 3 lbs to loose. The average for someone my build is about 122 lbs. GO ME! YAY!

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