I bought myself a new laptop!

Yup, I’m totally a nerd now. It was such a good deal though I couldn’t turn it down. Its a HP Pavillion.. with 320gb hard drive and 3 gb ram. I got it for 500 bucks! HP laptops I think are top of the line and rarely have anything wrong with them! I’m so excited to get it.. I don’t get it until next week thought because they mail them out. Which sucks.. but I think I can wait that long.. haha

It will be so nice to get back into designing things and being all graphic artist like again. I miss it so much. I feel like the biggest nerd ever right now though haha.

So my bread that I made on saturday I’m pretty sure I didn’t let it rise long enough because it totally flopped… oh well maybe next weekend.. I usually only eat it toasted anyway  so its not the end of the world if it flopped, it will still make good toast. Other than that everything else I made turned out well… we ordered chinese food last night for supper so the hockey billet would have left overs to eat, but I honestly feel so gross from it… and all the popcorn I ate yesterday too.. blah!

I’m scared to jump on my wii fit today not quite sure what its going to tell me.. my weight usually goes up on the weekends… and then back down during the week… but whatever.. I’m down to the last 5 lbs.. go me!


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