sweet sweet nothing..

Well, its saturday and I’m up early again as usual. Only one more day with the hockey billet. Yesterday was such a crappy day I just didn’t even feel like cooking when I was done work, so we picked up KFC and had a grease feast when we got home. Thanks Dan for helping me clean too! We got everything done in about an hour… cleaned the bathroom, swept and washed the floors and wiped down the counters, and cleaned the bedroom up. Today I just have to do laundry and make bread.. but at the moment I don’t feel like doing anything but sitting here and doing sweet sweet nothing. I have the fireplace channel going on tv and the tree lights on… its just so relaxing I don’t know why I would even consider getting up. And this coffee just absolutely hits the spot.

So, my bad news… lets recap from yesterday.. remember I was saying I would get my car back and it was going to be a wonderful day? Well.. turns out there was more damage than expected.. and 3 days of straightening out my side panel, they are hoping to paint next week so who knows.. I probably won’t have it back until we are back from the little bit of a Christmas break that I get is done.  And then my make makeup exploded all over my makeup bag. I’m pretty sure I was hungover from the home made wine I had the night before, and work was so extremely busy.. but hey at least its over now. I just am so excited to get my car back! I have total faith in Chris that they do an absolutely amazing job on my car!

Well, thats it I guess.. I really need to do some research on the whole yeast rising thing I think, and then to make the bread!  I WILL MASTER IT!

*** UPDATE***


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