sorry for not posting in so long.. I’m pretty sure  I don’t really have any faithful followers anyway. I started working at a new job at the end of September and I though for sure I would still have plenty of time to write on my blog but turns out I can’t find the time. We also got a hockey billet the day before I started my new job. So when I work from 8 to 6 o’clock at night it doesn’t really give me time to do anything. Except clean up do a load of laundry and relax. I really appreciate Dan and the fact that he has kicked in and started making suppers and helping out with house work. My weekends have started to mush together and consist of making cookies, laundry and cleaning.. I’ve got my cleaning down to about 2 hours and usually just wake up early saturday and do it while everyone is still sleeping (including the dog) its easier that way. Then I start some bread, and bake cookies then bake the bread and inbetween it all I’m doing laundry… Sunday consists of getting groceries from Nipawin.. and relaxing.. and thats my life in a nutshell.. I’m a creature of habit and it really doesn’t go to far from that… I’ll post more tomorrow. I need to iron my dress pants.


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