hmm.. so sore..

My stove is fixed, my backyard is looking better every time I look at it, what else is there?

I didn’t cook anything at all yesterday. Just left overs warmed in the microwave. The problem with our stove was an honest mistake, and I really can’t be mad. The electrician that hooked it up misread blanc as black and had the black wire where the white one should be. So my stove works! I already made myself a poached egg with it, the water boiled over but its easy clean up so no biggie! haha… I’m thinking I need to make myself a big meal to celebrate. I’m thinking, boiled carrots, mashed potatoes, and either steak or porkchops in the oven…

Yesterday I spent the majority of the day outside working on the backyard. I added a flower garden between the trees, and another flower garden beside the garage. I have the two flower beds in front of the house and the huge flower garden I want to do in the front yet. I think I may save them, I’m so sore today I just don’t think I could shovel anymore. I’m debating if I should take the rocks from the front of the house and put them around the fire pit. I think it would look nice as they are a crushed brown/red rock and the firepit is red also. But I would have to dig up the grass.. lay down a border and then fill it in with the rock and I honestly don’t know how I would do it all by myself yet.. The dog and I didn’t get along yesterday and he spent most of the day outside tied up.. I would put a rock in the dirt and he would be right behind me digging it up. It did not go well.. I just remember that Dan’s mom and dad have some big flat rocks they used for the side of their house.. I wonder if those would work around the firepit with the small crushed rocks as fillers.

I’m not going to worry about it today though.. I need a day to relax and read a book! Maybe look up some recipes for when the hockey billet arrives.. oh joy!


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