its here its here!

My stove is finally here!


I guess its actually been in since Saturday, but its now Sears new policy to NOT call when something comes in. Great..

Dan and his dad dropped it off yesterday and we unwrapped it. I still think its such a good deal.. self cleaning, stainless steel, glass top.. so.. no more messy clean up jobs! I have to wait to get it hooked up until Dan’s cousin can make it out and hook it up for us. See, our wiring in this house is so old the stove is wired directly into the basement into the breaker box. There is no plug in for it there so he’s going to put one in for us (hopefully). I just don’t have a good feeling about cutting wires and making them go together.. I think it will void the warranty anyway.

Had a good chat with Dan’s mom yesterday after supper in the field. We were talking about putting the new furnace in. I don’t think its fair that I have to pay for half the new furnace when I’m not going to see the income tax Dan gets back from it. She agress, and also made the comment.. “If you and Dan were to break up, what would you get from it? You’re not walking away with half of the furnace. If its a permanent fixture he should pay for it. Its his house.” I totally agree. If we were to seperate I wouldn’t ask for anything except my stuff back. Lol, then I started thinking.. I paid for half the stove.. can I keep that? or what about the dog? Well lets just hope it doesn’t get that far and then I won’t have to worrt y about it I guess. I know it sure seems like I would be better if I just left this small town I don’t think I ever will. Its just so tough when Dan’s gone with work and never around. How am I supposed to feel welcome in this town when no one says anything to me or really knows me or anything. I mean I have gotten a couple comments about how its not fair that I didn’t get that job at the school, and they hired a pregnant girl instead. I mean her reasoning for wanting that job is pretty good. Her husband farms and she needs the spring, summer, fall  to help out. I mean you can’t really go wrong with a job share where you only work a couple days here and there and you would be able to help out on the farm if you needed. Oh well.. I’m sure something will come up. Until then, I’m stuck at home (which I don’t mind at times).

I’ve started scrapbooking again, I fell in love with our printer/fax/copier yesterday. I stuck my camera card into it, printed off a proof sheet, selected what I wanted, scanned it and the printer did everything else. Printed off all the different sizes I needed and the copies.. its so cool!

Today I’m trying to think what I can master.. How about stew with red wine? Its pretty chilly today, well this morning at least. I do have left over spaghetti too.. which will be lunch.. or I could just freeze it and have it sometime when Dan’s gone. Hmm.. what will today bring.. for sure a nap!


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