what a day!

Yesterday was one of the most stressful then relaxing days of my life. I was so tired by the end of the day I could have slept forever, except I had almost no sleep.

It started out good, with that yummy pumpkin spice coffee and what not. I took kato for a walk, and I was so proud of him for going to the bathroom while we were outside! Then we came back into the yard and I grabbed my book and like 5 minutes later he was barely breathing holding up his paw just trembling. I called Dan and we rushed to take him to the vet. Like 3 minutes away from the vet Kato took a complete 180 and was doing fine.. boy did I feel silly. But better safe than sorry right? We are pretty sure its just a bee sting or something because he has a horrible habit of playing with bugs. He’s doing way better today though!

We ended up at Dan’s parentts house keeping his mom company for the day and ordered chinese food for supper since they weren’t in the field. We all had a nap in the afternoon and played a good game of crib. It was pretty close but Dan won. I challenged him to a rematch late last night and I won.. haha

So ya thats about all.. I’m just super glad Kato is doing better and I plan to master the Buns today.. found a recipe that looks easy enough.. just that it makes 7 dozen.. and I only need half that or even a quarter.. and I don’t think I have bags to use.. I should probably also make a roast or something so Dan has sandwich meat.. hmmm.. things to do at harvest… sigh.. i love it!


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