chicken.. chick chick chicken..

Wow did we ever get work done yesterday too! OMG! By noon I had everything done I wanted to be done. I had laundry done, house cleaned from top to bottom pretty much anyway.. the only thing is I didn’t really dust. But I learned the neatest thing ever.. I bought one of those swiffer broom/mop things. Well you know you can buy the wet clothes for $8 and you only get twelve.. well I used bounty paper towel which is $8 for like 6 rolls I think. 1 sheet of bounty paper towel dampened with mr. clean and water cleaned my whole kitchen floor. It took two to clean the dining room and I didn’t clean the living room, just swept and vaccuumed it up a bit. Mostly just trying to get the dog hair off the area rug. And ontop of it all… it doesn’t streak! I’m so happy there is an easier and cheaper way to clean my floors!

So while we were cleaning everything and I thought it was going to take all day to clean, so why not just throw a chicken in the slow cooker. Here is what we did for that:


1/2 whole chicken
salt and pepper
greek seasoning
1/3 can beer
1 cup water

Put the chicken in slow cooker, pour in water and beer and sprinkle with spices. Cook for 4 hours on low.

Well, never again will I make it like that. BLUCK!

It came out smelling totally like yeast, with absolutely no taste. And the skin was soft and soggy and fatty. The only thing was the meat was absolutely tender! I think next time, I’m either going to fry it a bit before I cook it or take the skin off and put the spices directly on the meat.. or maybe even finish it off on the bbq?

I also made corn for the first time of my life… just boiled it for 10 mins with salt sugar and butter. YUMMY!

Dan had devoured 2 1/2 chicken breasts he took from his parents house before supper so he wasn’t that hungry so we had left overs today for lunch! Dan fried up some chicken with an egg and the rest of the rice from supper last night and made himself a stirfry, I made grilled cheese with chicken, mustard, mayo, and lots of cheese! YUM!


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