Getting work done


I’m soooo sore. Yesterday we did 3 hours of yard work. We decided since Dan’s parents had the dog, it would be an excellent day to plant grass and do all of our yard work. So we planted grass, weeded our sand box, weeded the flower beds, moved some big rocks.. yup we got it all done! I’ll have to get some pictures today to post. We used a bag of grass seed that was supposed to plant like 164 square meters on our garden we wanted to cover up… so we think its definitely planted a little heavy. And then, ontop of that… your supposed to plant grass when its going to rain… I don’t think there is any rain in the forcast… so we had to purchase a 100′ hose and a water sprinkler.. woot woot!

My job this week… to find some ferns to plant, fix up the flower beds and get them ready for more dirt, and build the flower bed we want in the front. Dale figures they will be combining on tuesday. So Dan will be gone, which will be the perfect time to do everything the way I want it done! I just have to figure out how to get the dirt to my flower beds and deal with the ants.. yup.. ants.. the whole borax thing didn’t seem to work to well. You should have seen them last night omg! It must have been the time of the year where they all grow wings and fly, or else because of the water we flushed them out.. but it was soo gross! One landed on me and I screamed and went running for the house. There is two things that scare me bug wise… bees and ants… and when you get ants that fly.. omg! I still feel creepy crawly!

But thats all I really have to say so far… I think I’m going to take it easy today. Its supposed to be really nice this week. Maybe I’ll clean my house and do laundry… maybe…


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