Still no job.

Well, I have had 3 interviews, applied for at least 15 jobs and no luck yet. I have come to the conclusion that because I don’t live here, have no real office or accounting experience, and don’t want to work 30 mins away, I am unhireable. Everyone thinks I’m just depressed and I beg to differ. I honestly think I have the flu. But who knows.. maybe they are right. Upset stomach and not being able to sleep can be a sign of depression.

I fell asleep super late last night and was up by 4 this morning with the dog. Stupid dog… who also got in my way yesterday and I tripped over him and spilled cooking oil down my pants while trying to get some supper together so all Dan had to do was throw it in the oven. Well that plan totally back fired. I got the supper made and everything, but he ended up bringing his car into town and I picked him up after my interview. So we ended up eating lemon potatoes and shake n bake chicken at like 7 at night. By 8:30 Dan and the dog were sleeping.

So its 6:30 in the morning and I have the garbage all taken out, the dishes done, dog fed, me fed and coffee made. I put in a movie and now I’m relaxing… ahhhhhh.. dogs sleeping… so peaceful and quiet!

Today my plan is to make Sunny Morning Muffins recipe found at and ginger cookies. Oh and try and get the oil out of my pants!

I went grocery shopping by myself yesterday, and I thought I hit up some amazing deals! I mean I spent exactly $150… and chicken breasts and laundry soap and blocks of margarine were $50.. and I bought sooooo much  other stuff.. everything I bought was on sale! Should be good for groceries for at least 2 weeks.. just milk and stuff will have to be replaced! Pretty proud of myself.

Harvest starts soon too.. I can’t wait for meals in the field! I remember how much fun I always had growing up.. such a good time. I’m so happy I moved to this small town and get to go back to doing everything I love so much. I finally got accepted for EI, but I could really use a job. I found out the school job I applied for, well they hired a lady who is pregnant so she won’t even make the full year. Crazy I know! Anyway thats all the news for now, I’ll let you know how my muffin and cookie making goes!


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