Its been awhile since I last posted. Mainly because I’ve been super busy.. I know I know.. how can you be busy when you don’t have a job? Well my sister was here staying with me, I was planning my house warming party, and then I was at the lake.

Dan left for his trip to BC on saturday even though we were all super hung over. I don’t think we got out of bed until 2 in the afternoon. I slept all day and night and woke up sunday morning refreshed. I went up to the lake to spend Dan’s birthday with his family, even though he wasn’t there. We had a wonderful time on the lake, we didn’t even catch a bite! But we did get super sun burnt!

I have also been dealing with EI… let me tell you all the problems I have been having, its so stupid. Oh well, almost over.. hopefully they have everything figured out now. I’ll know in a couple days whether everything has been done, and the money is in my account. Its been a long haul waiting to get this and I’m almost broke so its going to be good once I finally get paid.

This morning has gone by quick… I cleaned, did some laundry, put my frozen burgers in bags of 3 and cleaned out my fridge. I also took out ribs to make some greak ribs for myself for supper tonight. I was planning on getting groceries today, but its cold and rainy and I missed my pup this weekend so I’m going to stay home. Besides Shawnah sent some yummy  stew with me so I can have stew for lunch!! YUM!

I managed to give Kato a bath last night too all by myself. I was so impressed he sat so well and didn’t fight with me too much. It was good. Anyway, my laundry buzzer is ringing…


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