Sunday blahness

So, its pouring rain. Like not just a little drizzle… absolutely pouring. We are supposed to go up to the lake for supper, since we didn’t go yesterday. Dan’s grandpa fell and hit his head pretty hard at 4 in the morning yesterday so I didn’t think the puppy should be up there if everyone was tired. It took awhile for Dan to clue in and be considerate. Needless to say, yesterday was spent as a quiet movie watching/tv day. We started watching a Haunting in Conneticut.. based on a true story.. totally freaked me out. And when Dan started falling asleep I decided to turn it off. There was no way I was watching it by myself.

The dog has been learning to sleep in. We’ve been getting up around 7 which is way nicer than the 5 in the morning before. And as for the whole bathroom thing, I don’t know why I can’t get him to crap outside. He’ll pee outside.. but noooo he would way rather crap on the kitchen floor. “Good thing its dry” Dan goes.. ya… I guess he has a point.

Still no word on the job front. Nothing at all… Dan doesn’t think they hired anyone for the secretary job I was interviewed for. I honestly doubt I’ll get it though. And no word from EI yet either. My first cheque is gonna be huuuuuge, once they finally get their act together and stop loosing my shit! I probably should have stayed home and called them instead of going to the lake, and I do feel guilty for that. I know I owe dan another 500 for rent, well actually 400.. and I promised that most of my first EI cheque would go to him, mostly for the new furnace and some for rent. But what I don’t think is fair.. and I feel greedy saying this, but who is going to get the rebates for the furnace once we get it… I know I probably won’t see it, so hence the reason I don’t wanna put in lots to the new furnace. I would rather stick to grocery buying! Speaking of which I should start making a list. We are going to Nipawin to buy groceries today before going for supper. Which means no frozen foods. Well, maybe its cold enough outside today that we could haha.



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