sleeping issues?

so its almost midnight and i’m not sleeping.. correction, its after midnight. I can’t understand it, I haven’t always had problems sleeping.. I had a short nap today though, which shouldn’t affect my sleeping this much. And what sucks the most is the stupid dog is going to be up in 4 hours to pee and I’m going to have to take him outside. And then he “might” sleep until 8 if I’m lucky… which I doubt I will be.

I spent a couple days up at the lake with mom and Ashley. Planned out my rock garden and relaxed. There wasn’t much else to do because of the rain. Mom found these neat things.. they are scewers for kabobs, but they are flavoured. So you soak them in water for 15 mins then put on your veggies and meat, then let them sit. The longer the better. We let ours sit for maybe twenty minutes or so. Then bbq away… added sauce to some.. they were sooo good. The only problem was the meat we used was really chewy.. the veggies seemed to take the flavour really well. I wouldn’t recommend these to someone who isn’t patient though. We had major problems getting things to stick on the scewers because they were soo thick. The mushrooms had to be gently placed on. The green peppers and onions did well, as long as they were thicker bigger chunks. I bet these would have been good with chicken though.


Dan came for a visit. His first time up at the cabin.. I don’t think he realized we don’t have running water.. so to go to the bathroom you have to use an our out house. Dan is terrified of public washrooms, let alone an outhouse!! AHHH! No, it was good though.. He said he liked it, how quiet it was and relaxing. He also managed to shove three hotdogs into a hamburger bun for himself for supper. Hmmm.. not the best thing in the world but it definitely works I guess.

I almost finished reading Julie & Julia. I absolutely love this book! I just wish I could finish it. The dog keeps interrupting. I did the whole Marley and Me thing today.. just because I was tired… and I felt really  bad after, but seriously… who likes being woke up at 4 in the morning every day? Not I…. Hm, there is some kind of bug on my roof as I’m writing this thats making weird clicking noises. I’m suddenly afraid and kinda freaked out. What if its like a huuuge beatle drawn to light, and the only light in the room is the laptop! Its going to come straight for me any second..

Oh boy I need sleep.. lol


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