One more day then gone for the weekend!

Oh man, does it feel good to have some quiet time to myself… well not really quiet time because I have so much to do! Laundry, cleaning, freezing rhubarb, and then to make supper…

We had a slow day yesterday, very slow. It rained all day off and on and we were stuck inside with the twins. They were stuck to the tv.. and Dan was working and I well.. didn’t realy do anything. They woke up way earlier than I thought they would, and dan had to leave for work. As soon as Dan left they got antsy. Oh Great.. now What? was the only thing that came to my mind.. these aren’t my cousins, I have no idea what to do with them! We ended up playing rock band. It was so much fun! Even though we sucked and kept switching instruments eventually we got it right. I was on drums, Cole on guitar and Kane on mic. It worked so well!

We ended up making home made pizza for supper. I am pretty sure I have mastered the art of Pizza Dough.


 Here is my super easy recipe:

3 cups flour
1 package dry yeast
1 cup warm water
2 tbsp cooking oil
1/2 tsp salt

First I mix together the yeast water and oil. In a seperate bowl I mix the salt and 1 cup of flour. I let the yeast do its thing for about 15minutes or so and then pour into the flour and salt mixture. I beat with an electric mixer on high for about 3 minutes. Then add in the rest of the flour and start kneeding. With the heel of my hand. I let it rise for about half an hour until its doubled in size and then roll out on the pizza pans. Let rise again for about 15 minutes or so and poke with a fork.

For the pizza sauce I use the Co-op brand. And then just add one of those pizza meat packages and mushrooms onions and mozza cheese.. YUMMY! Sometimes I add oregano, basil and parsley ontop to jazz it up a bit.

I’m still trying to figur out this smoothie with my multi vitamin thing… I think.. because the mixture turns and ugly yellow color it would work best if I used yellow fruit… maybe peaches or mango.. and a whole banana. Hmm..

Anyway, back to my laundry and stuff.


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