Hump Day!

Only two more days to Edmonton! We are taking Dan’s twin cousins back that we are babysitting to Wainwright. Its about a 6 hour drive. Should be interesting with them in the back seat of Dan’s truck. He has like the smallest truck ever and I’m hoping that it doesn’t rain because we will have all of our luggage in the back of the truck. Maybe he can put the box thing on so that the stuff won’t get wet. We are planning on going to Ikea I think.. we want (not need) some stuff for our house.. We had a big discussion about this last night.. about how furniture was a want and a new furnace was a need. So the money we have saved up for the leather furniture will be going to the new furnace instead. Dan seems to think he is broke.. but in reality.. I owe him like almost 1000 bucks.. for rent or whatever you want to call it. My half of the mortgage I guess?

Yesterday was fun.. we went mini golfing with the boys, I definitely need to practice. I’m going to blame the fact I had my purse over my shoulder so I couldn’t hit very well.. and my purse had my camera in it so I didn’t really wanna put it down. Its a good thing we didn’t keep score, so nobody could see how bad I really was. Then we came home and played video games, started a fire and had a hot dog roast. Apparently I picked up the wrong hot dogs… I always thought hot dogs were hot dogs.. guess not.. same with the bacon I picked up the other night.. Oh Well.. I’m learning I guess. I mean I know bacon from a butcher is going to be a million times better, and thats what Papa always gets. But when thats not available wouldn’t the Maple Leaf stuff be just as good?


Yesterday afternoon for lunch I wasn’t very hungry so I thought I would just make myself a smoothie with some of the frozen fresh berries.




Handful of frozen blueberries (about 1/2 cup)
Half of a banana
One portion size yogurt (I used Silhoutte Raspberry)
1 multivitamin

Throw it all in a blender and add enough milk so that it flows smoothly.

And…. never again will I make this. BLAH! The multivitamin was soo gross I could taste it. Maybe more fruit or honey or something to hide the taste. A friend of mine suggested using stronger juice.. I didn’t use juice.. maybe thats why? I have some acai berry juice thats one of those fruit/veggie fusions, I bet that would work a million times better! I’ll have to try it next time because it is a really good way to get my multivitamin that looks like a friggen horse pill! haha


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